How to Obtain: Obtained at level 27 by freeing him from the Mossback Swamp for 12,000 coins.

He must be rescued to explore Mossback Swamp.

Description: "Bayoo brings special luck at Butterfly Oracle and the Elemental Nexus."

Extra item: Clay -- Found at:

Good (or bad) at these Special Items
Place of Legend Special Item Percentage Normal Percentage
Well of Wishes Stardust 60 30
Dragon Ruin Emerald 33 10
Dragon's Clutch Silver Wire 55 28
Friendship Arena Iridescent Scale 32 12
Fairy Falls Everlasting Bubbles 40 10
Butterfly Oracle Enchanted Amber 22 4
Flower Tower Spellbound Orchid 25 12
Elemental Nexus Mandrake Root 10 1
Frost Owl Spire Star Sapphire 12 7
Crystal Henge Prismatic Lily (5) 30