Clover is a yellow-skinned unicorn with green hair and horn.


Available at level 24

How to Obtain: This unicorn can be bought for 7 white pearls, 5 black pearls and 7 gold pearls.

Description:  Clover brings special luck at the Well of Wishes and Butterfly Oracle.

Extra item: Emerald. Found at:

Good (or bad) at these Special Items
Place of Legend Special Item Percentage Normal Percentage
Ancient Watchtower Forest Charm 35 20
Well of Wishes Stardust 50 30
Dragon Ruin Emerald 30 10
Butterfly Oracle Enchanted Amber 40 4
Flower Tower Spellbound Orchid 40 12
Elemental Nexus Spirit Mushroom 35 7
Kraken Cave Kraken Fang 22 5
Yeti Cave Frozen Rune 25 5
Crystal Henge Prismatic Lily (10) 30

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