How to Obtain: Obtained at level 37 by freeing him for 74,000 coins.

Freeing him is necessary to access Pinnacles of Ice.

Description: "Leif brings special luck at the Swamp Totem and the Butterfly Oracle."

Extra item: Ice -- Found at:

Good at these Special Items
Place of Legend Special Item Percentage Normal Percentage
Gateway of Luck Jade Clover 45 8
Dragon Ruin Midas Glove 80 1
Friendship Arena Emerald 30 1
Fairy Falls Everlasting Bubbles 18 10
Butterfly Oracle Enchanted Amber 21 4
Butterfly Oracle Silver Wire 33 0
Swamp Totem Mandrake Root 35 15
Swamp Totem Iridescent Scale 22 1
Elemental Nexus Spirit Mushroom 18 7
Kraken Cave Kraken Fang 22 5
Pirate Wreck Ruby 25 6
Frost Owl Spire Star Sapphire 32 7
Yeti Cave Frozen Rune 25 5

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