Rill is a water dragon.

Available at level 25

How to Obtain: This dragon can be bought for 14 white pearls, 4 black pearls and 4 gold pearls.

Description: "Rill brings special luck at the Pirate Wreck, the Elemental Nexus, the Kraken Cave, the Yeti Cave and the Frost Owl Spire."

Extra item: Midas Glove -- Found at:

Good (or bad) at these Special Items
Place of Legend Special Item Percentage Normal Percentage
Gateway of Luck Midas Glove 100 20
Dragon's Clutch Silver Wire 73 28
Fairy Falls Everlasting Bubbles 20 10
Butterfly Oracle Enchanted Amber 12 4
Flower Tower Spellbound Orchid 20 12
Swamp Totem Mandrake Root 25 15
Elemental Nexus Spirit Mushroom 25 7
Kraken Cave Kraken Fang 22 5
Pirate Wreck Ruby 33 6
Frost Owl Spire Star Sapphire 27 7
Yeti Cave Frozen Rune 25 5
Crystal Citadel Diamond 15 6