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Cinder Caldera                       Crystal Realm                      Dragon's Roost                          Flower Fairy Realm

Mossback Swamp                  Pinnacles of Ice                   Rampant Forest                         Shifting Sands

Sunnyside Cove                     Wizards Lair



These are places that can be searched to find higher value 'treasure'.  The treasure found also varies with the heroes used to do the search. Details of the bonuses are on the Hero Bonuses at Specific Places of Legend page.

Ancient Watchtower,     Butterfly Oracle,     Crystal Citadel,     Crystal Henge,     Dragon's Clutch

Dragon Ruin,                Elemental Nexus,    Fairy Falls,           Flower Tower,      Friendship Arena

Frost Owl Spire,           Gateway of Luck,     Kraken Cave,       Mount Cinder,      Phoenix Perch

Pirate Wreck,               Swamp Totem,        Well of Wishes,     Yeti Cave



Heroes can search the Places of Legend to find treasure.  Some of the heroes become available at different levels of the game, others are bought by earning pearls from Liang the Dragon Merchant.   In addition to these there are some special heroes which can only be bought using crowns, and some 'limited edition' heroes which are only availble during certain special events.

Bayoo                 Bluebelle                  Buttercup                Cloudmist                  Clover

Deepmane          Ember                      Fernfang                 Giovanni                   Greenleaf

Indigo                  Iris                           Konley                     Leif                            Magnus

Moonwhisker      Rafael                      Rill                           Scorch                       Spirit

Sunclaw             Tanya                      Thunderhoof             Wavedancer              Willow                      





Myra has a different emporium in each Realm.  Each Emporium buys items related to that Realm.

The number of items bought at one time increases as your vault size increases.

Myra has a preferred emporium at any given time. This is indicated by a large golden star appearing over the emporium, and is called Myra's Favour.  Items sold at the preferred emporium while Myra's Favour is active gain bonus points; bonus mode runs for 1 hour after an item is sold there.  Selling another item while still in bonus mode gets an increasing number of extra bonus points.  If you reach the Myra's Favour target there are significant rewards given, the specific rewards vary but usually include  crowns, coins and XP sometimes with additional Vault Hinges and Vault Padlocks. There are 15 levels of Myra's Favour with increasing rewards at each level.

The bar moves with experience points, each item has a point value regardless of the amount of that item. If you make the high point items, you will clear the bar faster and get better bonuses. Example - Lemonade pays 235 xp, while lemon saffron only pays 63, so watch for the high xp items and prepare those ahead of time, you'll stay at a high level and earn crowns from Myra.

Within the Cinder Caldera is a special emporium called Myra's Matchups. Here you can sell bulk quantities of items or groups of items for extra rewards.


Liang has a specific order for items which her requires within a time limit of 16 hours. These can be sold to him piecemeal which makes it easier to achieve.  Completing his whole order earns some XP and, more importantly, a PEARL.  Pearls are used to buy Unicorn and Dragon heroes. 

Once a Liang order is completed he will fly off, then return in 4 hours with a new order. You can see in aadvance what he want, although not the quantities of each item.


Glurb searches for treasure.  Once he finds it he will trade it for goods made in the workhops.  Once 'fed' he will search again and come with another offering in 3 hours.


Goods made in the workshops can be sold on Sea Trading.  The boat has 3 slots for general trading to everybody and 1 slot for trading just with Allianace members. 

Sea Trading allows prices for goods to be adjusted up or down a little from the standard prices set by the Emporiums.



Alchemist                                  Apothecary                                Bakery                                Blacksmith

Charm Maker

Dairy Barn                                      Dye Maker                                Exploration Gear                 Fizzy Drink Maker

Gadget Shoppe                        Glassblower                              Icy Treats                            Jeweller

Perfumer                                   Potter                                       Silk Loom                             Stone Carver

Tailor                                        Trail Kitchen                              Weaver                                Woodshop

There is a summary of the items made in the various workshops on the Workshop Items page



These are items used to make things in the workshops.  Sometimes Myra will buy raw resources, while not a great way to earn coins this is a great way to earn XP.  The raw resource sale items change at different levels of the game.

There is a summary of the resources on the Resource Items page.